She’s purt’near ready, Maynard!

Milagro looks like an image from The Beverly Hillbillie’s with so much cruising paraphernalia strapped down all over her. On the starboard railing are the 6 person life raft, jerry cans for extra diesel and gasoline, a kayak and a whisker pole for extending the tack of the headsail out for light air downwind running. The port rail is only a little less populated. It too has fuel cans and a kayak.

515 watts of solar, a 400 watt wind turbine (we likes our electricity) and a new chartplotter with digital HD radar and WiFi data output grace (?) other parts of her.

Most major projects are done – really, only one remains. Though there are countless lesser projects to tend to I can’t until this shoulder heals some more. It’s mighty frustrating to see all that needs doing and yet not be able to get after it. Another couple of weeks of healing and we’ll see.

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One thought on “She’s purt’near ready, Maynard!

  1. “Grapes of Wrath” or “The Clampetts”?


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