The “Plan” is written in sand.

Thankfully there is no requirement to strictly follow a cruising plan. Change can be driven by many different things and we have stumbled upon one of them – health.

While Milagro was hauled in preparation for departure Michael realized that an on again off again shoulder pain was back “on”. Deciding that we’d better find out what was going on, the examinations and imagery began. It took only a week for the diagnoses: rotator cuff was OK but there was a tear in the labrum and some labrum separation from the bone. A spur on the end of the clavicle was also making it’s presence felt. “It won’t ever heal itself” the Doc said and, “though you might be able to live with it, if you don’t fix it now then you’ll fix it later”. RATS!

With a work trip forcing Michael to be gone until April 30, May 10th became the earliest possible date. Then, allowing about 3 months for enough healing to have taken place it looks like August would be the soonest a departure would be practical.

Hurricane season is in full swing in Mexican waters at that time of year so there’s no reason to hurry. Joining the Baja Ha-ha for the annual gringo migration made the most sense.

So, that’s the new plan. Maybe leave the dock in mid-August for a few weeks in the Sacramento River Delta then start South over Labor Day weekend.

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