Via the magic of the airwaves!

That’s right kids! This message was posted via HF radio.

Using software on the laptop computer along with the Icom 802 radio and Pactor III modem we have successfully made a blog post without using the internet.

Of course, there are not any photos to go with this post as the HF radio is text only but, hey – we can still keep you up on all of the exiting happenings and then post photos later when we find an internet connection. In the meantime, if you really miss those breathtaking scenic shots, just warm up the TV and tune into Planet Earth or Nature or Ice Truckers, or…..

That’s it for the test message drivel, we’ve established that this method works.



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One thought on “Via the magic of the airwaves!

  1. Two words: Awe! Some!


    .- .– . … — — .

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