Watermaker Progress

The much anticipated and long delayed watermaker project is finally seeing some progress. It is still a depressing commentary on the responsiveness of vendors in the marine industry – or, at least some of them. But any movement is cause for excitement.

I couldn’t go for one of the many products that run on 12 volt or 110 volt electricity and are widely available in a more or less plug and play form. No, not me. I had to have one that used a pump mounted on the engine. In my defense, I had no idea that it would be hard to engineer and fabricate a bracket. Or, put another way, in my imagination, it shouldn’t be a big deal, should it?

What IS a big deal is getting vendors to do what they say they will, when they say they’ll do it.

Today, finally (there it is again), the metal shop claims they have tacked together the bracket and the mechanic says he will be here tomorrow to test fit it.  We’ll see.

If the test fit actually happens AND if there is not a lot of modifying to be done, AND if the metal shop will get it completed quickly……wait. Stop it. That is the very thinking that has caused me disappointment during this process time and time again. IF, IF, IF.

OK then, you get the idea. After months of promises not kept I am getting all optimistic over a little actual attention. But this is the last “big” project we plan to do before shoving off and, well, we can’t go til it’s done. So, heck yeah, I’m a little excited to see some progress. Any progress.

What’s that you ask? Why can’t they just go and finish the watermaker project somewhere down the road? When I say we can’t go, I mean, we can’t go. Anywhere. The front motor mounts are involved in the bracket that we are building and they are off the engine so the machinist can have them for his purposes. In the meantime, the engine is disconnected from the propeller shaft and is resting on a chunk of 6 X 6. No, we’re not going anywhere til the bracket has been built and mounted to the engine.

And I am hoping that happens real soon.

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