And they turned water into…., uh…., well, Water!

Finally, the last of the “major” projects is complete. And it works well.

This system produces water at a given rate based upon a specific engine speed (RPM). We designed the pulleys to spin the pump at its designed maximum speed when the engine was turning at 2000 RPM. It can still produce high pressure water at lower engine speeds but the volume will be less than it might be.

Operational checks over the last two days determined that we are getting really good quality water (measured various times at 125 PPM, +/- 5) at a rate of 32 gallons per hour with the engine at idle (about 700 RPM) and 45 GPH when running the engine at 1950 RPM.

So, we finally have our own independent source for clean, pure water and plenty of it. Cool, eh?

Watermaker installed under front of engine

Watermaker installed under front of engine

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