Inertia is a powerful force

It may be the most powerful force on Earth, in fact. Inertia, along with a long list of projects and other distractions (work, family, etc) have kept Milagro glued to the dock far longer than I would have ever thought possible or, would be willing to admit.

Late on Friday afternoon we finally broke free of the forces holding us there and escaped to anchor in a small harbor just a short distance away. It’s not much but we’re out of the slip and anchored somewhere – anywhere. And, we both were amazed (and pleased) at how good it felt.

For the next couple of days we will shakedown some of the systems and sort through the piles of stuff that have found their way on board over the past weeks/months as we prepared for what’s next. The garbage bag is filling quickly and some of the goodie piles are smaller as places are found to stow some of these items.

The real news is that we managed to escape the marina and are enjoying a small taste of what’s coming in just a few short weeks.

This view of the Bay Bridge shows the new bridge construction partially eclipsing the current bridge.


One of the views from the anchorage at Clipper Cove (think Pan Am Clippers) at Treasure Island, SF Bay
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One thought on “Inertia is a powerful force

  1. We are so excited for you two and wish we could there to follow you through the Golden Gate. You are going to have such a wonderful adventure!

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