[d]2012-09-18 19:08Z
[t]System testing
Milagro has completed just 2 legs of the journey. Today finds us moored at Capitola, CA which is at the NE corner of Monterey Bay and just East of Santa Cruz.

The first leg, from SF Bay to Half Moon Bay was mostly under very light winds. With guests Randy and Angela
on board we chose to motorsail rather than poke along at 3 or 4 knots. With the quartering seas we were also
experiencing someone could have had an uncomfortable time of it.. As it was, we had a pleasant passage abeit a bit more noisy than us sailboaters might pefer.

After sending them back to their real lives on Sunday and a nice visit with Fuzzy we departed Monday morning at 0725 for Capitola.

Again we were without wind. In fact, for most of the day the seas were glass smooth. With the addition of a grey
overcast the horizon became almost completely lost making it quite hard to distinguish sea from sky. Very surreal.

The wind began a shy appearance beginning about 1300 and had worked it’s way up to 8 or 9 knots by a little
after 1500 and the sailing began. It was a short sail but we were able to enjoy a nice broad reach for the last
hour and a half before arriving at Capitola. As the breeze developed the marine layer broke up and the sailing
was under blue skies. While it would have been better to have had those conditions for the entire passage it was surely a nice way to end the day.

Grabbing a mooring at Capitola went off without a hitch. We splashed the dinghy and enjoyed a little walk about before returning to dine aboard Milagro.

Today has been lovely with sea otters swimming around the boat and very light winds. It’s supposed to blow
pretty good this PM but recover to something on the order of 10 knots tomorrow for out passage to Stillwater Cove at Carmel, CA.

Got the long range WiFi up and running this morning and am working on some configuration bugs with the HF
radio messaging. If this posting finds it’s way to the blog then progress is being made.

Sounds like cruising to me!

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2 thoughts on “Capitola

  1. Gary

    And your GPS coordinates placed you on the mooring ball which I had imagined you on. So there. Message here, message replied to you via the more vaporous mode as well. Sleep well.

  2. Sounds like cruising to me! Glad the sun showed up (finally)!

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