Stillwater Cove

After a slow (no wind) start from Capitola on Thursday (9/20/12) we ended up with a great sail in NW winds of 15 – 20 knots. Unfortunately the predominate swell was right on our starboard beam creating  quite a rolly ride.

We arrived at Stillwater Cove in Carmel Bay about 1330 that afternoon and took one of about half a dozen open moorings . Often seen in TV broadcasts of major golf events held at Pebble Beach Golf Course, Stillwater Cove IS beautiful.

The mooring here is free and the waters are pretty well protected from the ocean swells. It’s much calmer than what we had in Capitola. Plus, it comes with a pretty awesome view. Oh, and sea life as well. This morning there were Sea Otters swimming about and Sea Lions have come and gone as well. The nearby rock islets are home to many birds but, thankfully, the smelly, noisy Sea Lions hang out somewhere else. There’s quite a bit of kelp in this cove but it is more open than nearby Pebble Beach Cove or Whaler’s Cove at the South end of Carmel Bay.

Our current thinking is that we will stay put until Sunday.

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One thought on “Stillwater Cove

  1. We always wanted to anchor in that Cove – it is definitely beautiful from shore. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

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