The Jury has returned a verdict…..

And it was not what we had hoped for or planned on.

Judy is down for the count.

After more exams, X-rays, MRI’s and the opinion of another consulting spine specialist it is their conclusion that she is not a candidate for the “silver bullet” procedure. Her broken vertebra is fractured in such a way that a fragment(s) of the bone could be pushed into her spinal cord if they were to force a stabilizing cement into the cracks and fissures of the fracture. The risks of unentended consequences is simply too great.

Instead she must undergo weeks and weeks of physical therapy and expect that the pain will slowly subside as the vertebra heals. The Docs told her it would take 12 to 16 weeks before she can expect to return to her normal life – “normal” meaning boat living. Consequently she will not be able to be part of the Ha-ha or of continuing up the Baja coast to La Paz. Of course, she is bummed beyond words.

The good news is that it should eventually heal completely.

Our new, revised hope is that Judy will be able to return to Milagro about the time she reaches La Paz in mid-November.

Our youngest son Chip and his wife Amy have graciously carved out space in their home and their family’s life to accommodate her during this time. For this Judy and I are most grateful.

So what to do about all the other stuff going on?

Chip joined me in San Luis Obispo and together he and I are moving Milagro to San Diego. We should be settled into the Cabrillo Isle Marina there by Saturday night, Oct 13 – two weeks before the start of the Baja Ha-ha.

The unanswered questions at this moment are whether or not to add another person to the crew. Our good friend Gary Skaggs is joining Milagro in San Diego to do the Ha-ha but will have to leave in Cabo San Lucas. We can do the Ha-ha with two crew but should we? And how about the 5 – 7 days from Cabo to La Paz? It would be wiser to have some help than to try to single hand it.

This most recent news is now just about 24 hours old and we are still processing. Stay tuned………..

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3 thoughts on “The Jury has returned a verdict…..

  1. Smokey Stover

    Sounds like you are back on track despite all the obstacles and it looks like the huricane threat should be settled down over the next couple weeks. I know about being tossed around and am a fan of wearing a bicycle helmet, particularily at night. Smokey

    • Yes, Smokey. While it is certainly a “game changer” it is not a “deal killer”. We are reminded how quickly things can take unexpected turns and why it is so important to be careful – always.

  2. I know that this definitely in the plans, but it sounds like Judy is in good hands and should be back to “normal” again, just not as soon as you hoped. Think if you 2 apart, but know the reunion in November will be spectacular and then your cruising adventure really starts. I vote for a 3rd person. Wish one of us could be there to sail with you south… Or, we know lots of folks in La Paz that I am sure would help you sail from Cabo. Take care of yourself and hope you have a good sail south.

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