In place…

Milagro is in place to start the Baja Haha – San Diego.

OK, you’re right. We ARE a little early as the Haha does not depart until the 29th but, with the unexpected events of the past several weeks, that’s the way we needed to play it.

Chip took a week off of work to crew with me but he absolutely, positively needed to be back home by sometime on Sunday. We were able to make several Channel Island anchorages with the time we had but there was little time for anything more than overnight pauses. We enjoyed (briefly) anchorage at Cuyler Harbor on San Miguel Island, Smuggler’s Cove on Santa Cruz Island and Catalina Harbor at Catalina Island.

At Cat Harbor we actually ended up on a mooring after the closest thing to “adventure” on the trip. The anchorage was pretty full and we were obliged to work with a poor location. It didn’t take more than about 30 minutes before we were dragging, our anchor fouled with kelp. With the anchor cleared of kelp and back on board (my best boat hook lost in the process) I called “game over” and we headed for the mooring field. We probably wouldn’t have slept well anyway given the location.

We took our only “day off” there in part so Chip could experience just what Catalina is famous for – Buffalo Milk. Yum! So after a day of shoreside internet (and the Buffalo Milk) we made our exit in the middle of the night which made navigating the narrow, heavily populated harbor an exercise in concentration and focus. Still our escape was completed without incident.

The passage finished on a high note after the wind filled in that afternoon. After several hours of downwind wing on wing action the wind clocked around as we approached San Diego Bay. We put the pole away and entered the bay making 7 knots on a broad reach in the middle of a Chamber of Commerce sunset. Awesome!

So Chip made it back in time and I am working boat projects. After a month “at sea” it took a full day just to wash her. One day (so far, more are planned) was spent with Charlie and Chuck, two of the great guys with Cruise RO Water, as they used my engine driven water maker to collect production data and test several different hardware combinations. They are serious about producing a quality product backed up by real world testing. One of the things discovered is that the 6GPM 12v feed pump cannot keep up with the high production rates of this type of system so they have a 9 GPM pump for me to try. More testing is planned for Thursday. This sort of thing will keep each day full right up until launch day.

In the meantime, it is beginning to look like Judy may be up to joining me here for some part of next week. Woo hoo! That’s progress. But, we’re not there yet, we’ll have to wait to see if she’s really up to it.

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One thought on “In place…

  1. Happy to hear that Milagro and crew are safe and sound. Hope Judy is up to a trip to visit you!

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