It’s time for Michael to clean up his act – the Admiral is back on board.

It has been 30 days since Judy’s injury September 20th and 28 days since she left Milagro on September 22nd to recuperate on shore but today she came home. It is only for a short time but for now she gets to be home.

She sports a very fashionable back brace (to be worn when out and about) and moves about a little slowly and with care and she also runs out of steam fairly quickly. But she’s happy to be home and sleeping in her own bed for a while.

She will stay with Milagro until next weekend to supervise me and the rest of the chores associated with getting ready for the next passage. Not sure yet if she will travel back to PHX on Sunday evening or wait until Monday morning after the fleet has departed. There are different logistics associated with one vs. the other as well as other considerations but, either way, she’ll be here until at least Sunday evening.


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2 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. Gary

    And I will be there in about 168 hours. On advice of Counsel, I am, for the most part, packed!

  2. Happy to hear Judy is back on Milagro and that your are together. Enjoy each other!

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