Still in San Diego – 2 more days to go….

Not much to report from San Diego but I thought I should say as much.

It has been a week of projects and provisioning. Almost frantically so.

After having gone through this already, before leaving San Francisco, you might think that everything was set. Run by a grocery store and off you go. Me, too. Apparently that is not the case as it seems that there is always much to do.

Blessedly this madness will be put to an end with the arrival this evening of my crew followed by a full day of Ha-ha activities tomorrow then shoving off on Monday morning. Thank goodness. Plus, I’m just plain ready to be at sea for awhile.

While here, Judy has had good days and at least one particularly bad day. Mostly though, she seems to be coming along if only slowly. It has been good having her as she has helped keep me from overlooking some of those items that she had originally been handling for us. Of course, that is not the only reason. She wishes she could have interacted more with other Ha-haer’s but it’s good she came.

Today is mostly finish up, tidy up, make a bank run and then (hopefully) relax (for once) and enjoy the evening with friends. Wish us luck!

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2 thoughts on “Still in San Diego – 2 more days to go….

  1. Rod Williams

    Good luck to you and Judy! Glad to hear that she’s healing and was able to share at least some of the Ha Ha fun.

    We’ll be thinking about (and missing) you guys. Have a good trip, Michael. We’re on the boat now, but its just not as good without you for our neighbor.

    Fair winds to Milagro & her crew,


    Sail Fast – Live Slow ~~~~~~ ⛵ ~~~~~~ Sent from my iPad3

  2. Wally & Kristi

    Good luck, glad Judy could spend some time there. Be safe on your travels and we’ll see Judy soon.

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