Annnnd, they’re off!

At 1000 this morning Milagro and about 145 other boats officially began the 19th annual Baja Ha-ha Rally, leaving San Diego in a dash for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

OK, so it was more like a great big flock of chickens taking flight than a “dash” but headed for Cabo they certainly are. Stops along the way will include Turtle Bay and Bahia Santa Maria.

Conditions were glorious for today’s start except that someone failed to que the wind. Light and variable would be a generous description . About 1130 though, it piped up enough to actually be measurable and that was all most of us needed to make like sailboats. Spinnakers popped up all around the fleet and Milagro deployed her new Code 0. While not nearly so colorful as the spinnakers, the Code 0 is easier to handle and did a fine job of moving Milagro along at 5.5 to 6 knots in only 7 to 8 knots of wind. Add calm seas and sunny skies to the picture and you can imagine just how very nice it was. At least for a while.

Fickle mistress that she is, the breeze (7 to 8 knots is really more breeze than wind) only hung on for about 5 hours before tapering off to zephyr speeds. Yeah, I mean, like, nearly nothing. Pretty impressively, 4 knots of wind still kept that Code 0 filled and moving us along at 3 knots. Sure, 3 knots itself is no great speed, it’s the boat speed relative to the wind speed that I thought was pretty cool.

We have had the fishing lines out while enjoying these really pleasant conditions. No fish yet, just fishing lines. Our fishing success (at least so far) reaffirms that we are much better fishermen than actual catchers of fish.

For those interested, our noon position was N32 33.195′ W117 14.895′ which I have posted to YOTREPS.

As the wind seems to be unwilling to return I believe we will soon be motorsailing. More tomorrow.

posted via HF radio.

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One thought on “Annnnd, they’re off!

  1. Yahoo – have a wonderful adventure. Hope the wind picks up soon!

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