Baja Ha-ha day 2

Noon finds us 135 nm down the road making 7.5 knots running under poled out Code 0 and main in 10 to 14 knots of following wind. Position is N30 31.6 W116 36.5.

Yesterday the winds failed us by 1700 and we were forced to motor to maintain any headway at all, by watch change at 0200 though things had changed. Nothing dramatic but 8 to 10 knots from dead astern, enough to get back to sailing. We poled out the Code 0 and secured the main on the opposite side and commenced to making 5 knots under wing on wing sail alone.

The moon was full and nearly as bright as the sun while we occasionally ran into fog banks or low marine layer all night. All that moisture had every outside surface covered with heavy dew but, surprisingly, not one flying fish or squid, maybe tomorrow night. Add easy following seas of maybe 3′ to the picture and you see we had a very nice first night at sea.

We have had 3 fishing lines in the water since early yesterday afternoon and at 1150 this morning we finally caught our first fish. Actually, we caught two at the very same instant, each on their own handline. That made the usually “fire drill” associated with landing a fish even more chaotic than usual but we managed to get both on board without injury to ourselves or equipment. They turned out to be small Yellow Tails so we won’t have a storage problem with all of that meat but, hey, they’re fish and we caught ’em. Actually, the two of them will make a perfect meal for the crew. Of course, the lines are back in the water so maybe the next one will be a trophy.

We are doing will and enjoying great conditions. If the forecast holds we can expect more of the same for the next few days. But you know how forecasts are. We’ll see.

Just heard the “fish on!” call again so must go.

sent via HF radio.

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One thought on “Baja Ha-ha day 2

  1. Yeah, fresh fish. Hope your good fishing and weather conditions hold all of the way to Cabo!

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