Baja Ha-ha day 3

Happy Halloween everyone!

As of noon on Wednesday, 10/31/12 Milagro was 279 miles South of San Diego and very near to the San Benitos Islands west of Cedros Island. N 28 17.7′ W115 40.95′.

Milagro has been under sail for 34 consecutive hours averaging 5.5 knots on winds from behind ranging from 8 to 18 knots. It was another night of full moon and great sailing but with this time with lumpy seas. The seas were anything but large (NW swells 4′ – 6′) but they were confused with wave sets coming from two directions mostly and occasionally a third. The result has been a rolly and sometimes jerky ride. The ride is somewhat better now and are the conditions are reported to continue improving as we go South.

The fishing has been pretty good for the Milagro crew. Nothing large enough to brag about (yet) but enough action to keep us in the game. Of 7 fish caught yesterday, we kept 3; 2 small yellowtail and one bonito. Two other bonito bailed during the landing process and the others we simply released.

Today we only put one handline in the water and that netted us a nice sized yellowtail within 15 minutes. 28″ long and 10 lbs on the fin, we still ended up with 3 lbs of very nice eating fish in the ‘fridge in spite of a pretty amateurish filleting job.

We will make Turtle Bay tonight. Based on our current speed we expect to have the anchor set there sometime around 0100 to 0200.

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