Baja Ha-ha day 4

Day four finds our intrepid travelers anchored at Turtle Bay, BCS Mexico at N24 40.9′ W114 52.93′.

We crossed the leg 1 finish line at 1802 on Wednesday, 10/31/12 making 7.9 knots in 20 knots of wind from 180 degrees behind us, sailing under the Code Zero only which was poled out to port. Only the awkward ride that comes with confused seas kept it from being totally awesome. Instead, it was just regular awesome. And, except that the wind was more normally 13 to 15 knots, that is the way the entire afternoon went.

We had determined that we would retire the pole and large headsail before full darkness set in given the overall state of wind and sea and that the moonrise would not be for several hours after but, dang, was that hard to do. I don’t mean that it was difficult – it was not. I mean that it was hard to make ourselves do the sensible thing while it was safest to do so. So we put the funest toys away because it was the right thing to do and made a more sedate, controlled approach to our anchorage.

After 60 hours underway it felt good to have a shower and a drink before going to sleep. In bunks that were hardly moving – Ahhhhhh.

Today we launched the dinghy and paid a visit to the little town of Turtle Bay. Of course, it is not much of a town but it’s always fun to go walkabout. Some new fishing lures and lunch at restaurant Veracruz pretty well defined our exploration efforts before it was back to the boat to get it fueled for the next leg while the fuel panga was still working the crowd.

Over the 348 nm traveled since leaving San Diego the crew of Milagro managed to catch 8 fish. 2 small Yellowtail and one nicely sized and the rest Bonita (AKA Mexican Tunny – not to be confused with Atlantic Bonito which are actually pretty good eating). The Bonita are good fighters and sporting to catch but they are better used as bait than a meal. And, not one lost lure! OK, one did suffer a badly bent hook during a particularly spirited battle but we didn’t lose it.

Tomorrow we remain at Turtle Bay. There will be a big pot luck meal on the beach in the afternoon but we will mostly just be relaxing before the next leg which we will begin on Saturday.

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2 thoughts on “Baja Ha-ha day 4

  1. Smokey Stover

    Sounds about identical to my HaHa trip in 2005. Yellow fin was good eating but sure made a mess after landing – and the cleaning process was awkward. So how much fuel did you take on in Turtle Bay? Dousing a spinaker and/or taking down a pole a night will serve you well. A broad reach OUT at night and a broad reach IN during the day will keep things driving and chafing to a minimum.

    • Good comments regarding the reaching strategy, Smokey.

      We burned 16.0 gallons from San Diego to Turtle Bay. Of course there is the manuevering out of the San Diego harbor on start day then, there was no wind at all so we were under “rolling start” until 1130. We sailed from then until the wind died again about 1700 when we motorsailed until 0230 when the wind once again filled in. The next motoring was to manuever in to the Turtle Bay anchorage. Total engine time 16.5 hours out of the 62 hour/348 nm passage.

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