Baja Haha Day 10

Really? Can this really be Day 10? I guess it must be as we can almost see the finish line from here. Wow, how does that happen? Nevermind, it just does – let’s get on with where we are and what’s going on.

Weighing anchor at 0600, Milagro was underway for Cabo San Lucas just before dawn. Other vessels were on the move as well, some of them threading their way through the dark anchorage even earlier than us.

No useable wind is forecast for our route until at least late tonight so we are motoring at N24 08.3 W111 42.46 making 6 knots toward the finish line. Winds are blowing 5 knots with the occasional gust to 6 – nothing to work with there. The seas are often mirror smooth with a long period swell from behind running about 4 to 6 feet. And, it’s getting warm, quite a bit warmer in fact. All the doors and windows are open and the cabin fans are on and no one can bear to sit in the sun. We’re eying the calm water with longing, it sure would be nice to be able to jump in. While none of this crew has ever shied away from an opportunity to nap the warmth seems to make that inclination even stronger – must hydrate, must hydrate..

Or, catch a nice Dorado or Wahoo. Or, just for entertainment, any fish for that matter. The lines have been in the water since just after full daylight but no takers yet. A couple of other boats in the fleet have reported catching both Dorado and Wahoo already today but the fish are choosing to ignore the tasty (and colorful) morsels dragging behind Milagro.

Unless the wind develops enough for us to sail and consequently cause our speed to change, we expect to arrive Cabo San Lucas before this same time tomorrow (1400).

We have long planned to continue on towards La Paz on Sunday (Nov 11) but it is beginning to look like strong northerly winds may be blowing down the Sea of Cortez by then. The most accurate wind charts don’t look out that far yet so we don’t know if this will develop into a delaying wind or not but you can bet we’ll be keeping a real close eye on the forecast over the next few days – I don’t relish the idea of being stuck in Cabo longer than necessary.

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One thought on “Baja Haha Day 10

  1. Almost there. Hope the norther is a nothing, so that you can get to La Paz quickly!

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