Baja Haha Day 9

Day 9 saw Milagro enjoying the second day of the Bahia Santa Maria anchorage. With moderate surf breaking all along the beach we chose to take advantage of the water taxi Pangas for transport to the beach party.

We enjoyed the prepared meal and a cold cervesa before swimming across the estuary for some beach combing. This estuary is normally so small and shallow that you cannot take a dinghy up it and you barely get your sandals wet when walking across so it was interesting to see the tide so high that it required swimming. I didn’t try to determine just how deep it actually was but know it was well over my head for about 40 yards, or so. Weird.

The beach there is littered with collector quality sand dollars a few of which were just waiting for someone to take them for a boat ride. Of course, a few of the best examples found their way back to Milagro with us.

A swim back across the estuary and another Panga ride found the Milagros back on board. We made preparations for an early departure and enjoyed some more swimming before being visited by crew from La Boheme taking advantage of our offer to provide them with some fresh water. With 6 crew (5 of them female) on board and no other source for potable water between Turtle Bay and Cabo, if anyone could use more fresh water it would be the La Boheme. Our engine driven water maker has been producing close to 45 gallons of great drinking water per hour so it’s easy to share with friends and, it doesn’t take long to make more.

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