Baja Haha Day last

Yes, it is over.

The 2012 Baja Haha ended for Milagro at 1050 on Thursday, 11/8/12 when she slid into her slip at Marina Cabo San Lucas. At least, the passagemaking part of the Haha ended then.

Official Haha events still on tap are the “we cheated death (again)” party Thursday night at El Squid Roe, the beach party Friday afternoon and the awards ceremony Saturday evening.

Milagro still has to find her way to La Paz so this stop at Cabo is really just a break in the action. We will complete entry paperwork, get laundry done and wash the boat. Maybe pick up a few more provisions all while keeping an eye on the weather.

The forecast winds for Sunday and Monday continue to be unfavorable but their expected strength may be a little less than originally thought. That’s a good thing. The plan I mentioned earlier still seems to be the most likely one we’ll follow. That is, a very early departure from Cabo on Sunday morning for the anchorage at Los Frailes. We can hang there while the Norther blows through and then continue on, probably on Wednesday. We would then overnight at the Los Muertos anchorage Wednesday night and leave for the last leg into La Paz late on Thursday for an overnight sail and an arrival at La Paz midday on Friday, 11/16/12. Then, finally, we can relax and settle in for a while.

Gary’s wife Linda arrives into Cabo today (Friday) and the two of them will stay there for a few days while Mark and I continue on to La Paz without him. Gary has been a great help and a pleasure to have on board so we will miss him and his contribution.

I have not been able to get any more than that one photo added to my postings (sorry) but will attend to that soon (and by “soon” I mean, eventually). In the meantime here is a link to a youtube video created by Chip of a great herd (pod) of Dolphin that we found ourselves in the middle of during our passage from San Miguel Island to Santa Cruz Island. He did a pretty good job with capturing the event but nothing beats being there, does it?

Chip’s dolphin stampede video link:

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2 thoughts on “Baja Haha Day last

  1. Yahoo – hope you get some R&R – and some cervezas!

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