Los Frailes

Milagro left the glitz and cheese of Cabo San Lucas behind her when she got under way from the Cabo Marina this morning a little before 0600.

As expected, the wind blew 15 to 20 from the North and the seas were roughly 4′ to 6′ from the North as well. By bearing off a little we were able to have an agreeable angle to the waves as well as a sailable angle for the wind. That is, for the first 4 hours, or so. Eventually though, we had to tack back to the NW to make the anchorage and that pretty well ended the sailing. We still had a mostly good angle for the waves so the ride wasn’t bad but sailing the rest of the way in would have meant more tacking than we were inclined. Lazy us, after the tack, we chose to accept a slower motorsail more directly toward the mark and “Miller Time.”

The anchor set well in 25′ on the sand bottom at Bahia Los Frailes at 1445. Milagro is at N23 22.759 W109 25.478. The water here is clear and warm (84F) and the surface is calm though the wind still fulfills the forecast by continuing to blow in the range of 15 to 20 knots. We expect that breeze will be with us until tomorrow night some time before calming to almost no wind at all on Tuesday. With all that wind blowing we have good ventilation and not much chance of any bugs, if there are any here.

Milagro plans to hang here at Los Frailes until the North wind blows itself out and then will move on to another anchorage at Ensenada de Los Muertos – if the weather forecast remains accurate that will probably happen on Wednesday morning, Nov 14th.

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2 thoughts on “Los Frailes

  1. Gary

    Glad that you all were able to find a nice quiet spot to hide out. Not so quiet here (you know where I am! 🙂 ), but the companionship is excellent! I know, Michael, that you are very much looking forward to Judy being back on Milagro healthy and raring to go.

    Michael and Mark, it was a pleasure and privilege to be a fifth-wheel on the trip down. I learned a lot about sailing, but mostly how very much I don’t know! You all take a break, rest, swim, and nap, course, and be safe on to La Paz.

    Be setting up a loose schedule with you as I get back home and get out from under my self-imposed pile of ‘stuff’.

    Fair winds and calm seas.


  2. Smokey Stover

    Ah yes – cruise mode and no schedule. So it begins. A pilot friend of mine flew a Citation to Cabo and took a few pictures of the anchored fleet from the beach. No wonder I did not see Milagro since it was in a slip. Is it still as expensive per foot for overnighters?

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