Mission accomplished!

At 0820 Friday morning, 16 November 2012, Milagro was secured into her slip at the Marina De La Paz in La Paz, BCS, Mexico at N24 09.321 W110 19.588.

After early evening naps at Ensenada de Los Muertos we got underway for La Paz at 2200. A moonless but very starry night, warm temps, winds from the North mostly about 10 knots and somewhat confused seas kept us company. The route took us through 2 different channels between the Baja mainland and large islands, as a result the sea state never remained constant for very long. Depending on the geography we were transiting at the moment we had strong counter currents and beam seas, as well as mixed seas from and ahead and abeam, so we saw (felt) a lot of rolling. But we finished with several hours of strong following current to push us right into La Paz just after sunrise –  which was our evil plan all along.


Now, a big “Thank You” to all of those who helped keep the ball rolling after things took their unhappy turn way back in September. Specifically and in order of appearance: Neil and Marion for loaning their crew to help move Milagro from Stillwater Cove to Port San Luis; Vanessa Polcari and Becky Skinner for crewing that leg with me; Chip Stouffer for taking time off from work to come crew with me from Port San Luis to San Diego; Mark Koehler and Gary Skaggs for crewing with me during the Baja Haha Rally and (for Mark) on up the Baja to La Paz.

Also, thanks to Mimi and Mark Koehler for helping remove Judy from the boat in Pebble Beach, opening their home to her during those early days after her injury and then helping her get on to Phoenix from San Jose. And to Chip and Amy Stouffer for opening their home to Judy and making her feel comfortable and welcome all this time since.

I know, it’s beginning to sound like that to me, too, so I’ll stop (I’d like thank the Academy………).

But, I hope all these people know how much their efforts have mattered and how much they and what they have done to help are appreciated.

Thanks, ya’ll!

Now, get to work Michael, there’s much to be done and not a moment to lose!

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One thought on “Mission accomplished!

  1. Welcome to La Paz! I know that will fit in very nicely to that wonderful cruising community – you know most of them!

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