Long overdue

It has been nearly two and a half months since I’ve made a posting so this is way overdue. Of course I have all of the usual excuses and a few not usual ones, as well.

As most already know, I left Milagro in La Paz in early December to join Judy and together we took a Los Angeles to Miami cruise through the Panama Canal. We were both taken by colds by the end of that and found our will to travel (or even move) seriously wanting. But, we rallied and flew off to rejoin Milagro in La Paz on December 30. New Years together and home – finally.  Yeah!

In order for Sergio to continue working on Milagro’s new arch while I was gone, I had stripped her of her radar pole, her wind generator and pole, her bimini cover and frame leaving her transom and cockpit more open and naked than it had been since she was first commissioned.

Is now well into February and it is time to catch up.

The arch is done. The solar panels, radar antenna, wind generator and all of the sundry antennae are now mounted on the arch instead of being scattered about or cobbled together. Plus we now have davits extending from the back of the arch from which to hang the dinghy.

I am going to try posting some photos of the arch building process – a before, during and after approach, if I can. I have no idea how that will turn out but we will both know shortly.

Judy is getting along much better and continues to improve. It seems that the biggest challenge may be recognizing (and respecting) limits. She’ll be feeling well enough to go walk about but then will end up walking much farther than she should and consequently will spend the next two days laying low while she pays for her indiscretion with pain and suffering. And that has been the cycle – feel good, overdo it, suffer, rinse and repeat. Since it is not likely that anyone will actually change their ways soon, it is our hope that the cycle frequency and amplitude gets lower and lower. If she’s up to it by then we would like to slip the lines here and head North into the Sea of Cortez sometime during the second half of March but, we will just have to see.

We have scheduled a visit to San Francisco for next week with the requisite layovers in Phoenix during the coming and going. The purpose of the trip is for us both to get in see our doctors as well as to get the tax preparer going on what is most likely to be a sobering tax year. We should be back to La Paz about Feb 22nd.

So that’s the update now let’s see about those photos.

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One thought on “Long overdue

  1. So good to see your update. Will you spend the summer in the sea? After our loss of Higgie, we’re not sure anymore what we’re doing. We’re just taking one day at a time. Look forward to sharing a bay with you. Love and hugs to you both.

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