Bustin’ Loose

Yeee Ha, it seems we’ve actually done it! That is, we have finally achieved escape velocity and broken away from the marina force field. The next 10 weeks, or so, have no real schedule or agenda other than to adjust to the lifestyle and to see new places.

We left La Paz at 0700 Sunday morning expecting a pleasant sail to Isla San Francisco (appropriate, eh?) about 40 miles NW. The forecast for light winds turned out to be correct enough but instead of coming from WSW, like it was supposed to, it favored SSE. Not very useful for our point of sail unless it had some strength to it. I guess it didn’t get the memo. The net result was that it was surely a pleasant passage but we were forced to motorsail most of it. I don’t suppose it will be the last time that happens.

Along the way we saw dolphins along with Manta Rays jumping 5′ to 6′ out of the water. We just missed some humpback whales as one grounded itself on the La Paz sand bar only 30 minutes after we left. Arriving at Isla San Francisco we were greeted by sea turtles as we were setting the anchor.

We are currently anchored at N24 49.121′ W110 34.1′ in 20′ of water clear enough that we can see the sand bottom. We plan to spend today (Monday) here doing some kayaking and probaly a bit of a walkabout on the island. The water temperature is only 74F so we won’t likely be doing any swimming on purpose just yet.

Sometime manana we expect to move about 10 miles up the road to San Evaristo. A day or two there then on North some more, maybe to Agua Verde. Or not, we don’t have to decide that just yet.

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One thought on “Bustin’ Loose

  1. Carla and Doug

    You guys are going to love the sea. So much to see and do. Enjoy!

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