No fish today….

Isla San Francisco was a good place to be. White sandy beach, hiking trails with dramatic views, caribbean colored waters and plenty of room in the anchorage for everyone. It was a good place to be, that is, until the seas shifted from southesterly to southwesterly and it became a bit of a hobby horse affair. That’s not nearly so uncomfortable as being rolled from side to side but it was time to move on.

San Evaristo had been our planned next stop but we decided to give it a pass. It and virtually all of the other anchorages along that stretch of the Baja coast from the San Jose Channel north to Point San Marcial as well because the seas were coming from a direction (mostly SE) that left them all exposed. We’ll keep San Evaristo on our list for the next time we pass this way but this day it became our new objective to get around the corner of Point San Marcial and into the much better protected anchorage at Agua Verde.

Unfortunately it was another motorsail as the winds managed to disappoint again. While mostly from dead astern they ranged from 3 knots to 8 knots and moved around from astern to the starboard beam to the port beam then back to dead astern again. And the following seas from the starboard quarter kept things pretty rolly most of the day, a fact that Judy didn’t seem to care for very much.

Originally planning the short hop to San Evaristo (about 10 nm) we weren’t organized for an early start and so didn’t get underway until 0945. Still, it was full daylight when we blew into Bahia Agua Verde 9 hours later. I say “blew” because the geography of Point San Marcial created our only useful winds of the day (10 gusting to 18) and we found ourselves racing into the bay at 6 knots under mainsail alone.

At 1820 we had the anchor set at N25 30.965′ W110 04.072′ in 19′ on a sand bottom, sea temperature 73.8. At that time the winds were SSE at 10 – 15 knots but they calmed to nearly nothing by the time it got dark. Overnight we had very calm conditions.

We will enjoy Agua Verde today before continuing on North. We’ll let the weather determine just when we’ll do that but look for that to be as early as tomorrow, if the wind shifts to come out of the North and builds, or Saturday if it doesn’t. Likely targets are Candeleros or possibly Monserrate Island but, if significant North winds develop we may need to revise that thinking. More to follow

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One thought on “No fish today….

  1. Gary

    Demon possessed fingers, Miguel.

    How about N25 30.965′ W111 04.072′?

    Hope you find fish here. Tell me about how they taste when you do…


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