Hello? Is anyone still out there?

After languishing unattended for many, many moons we may try to breathe life back in to this enterprise.

Over the past several days Miss Judy has made some changes to the appearance of the blogsite so that it better suits her and we have set things up so that she may begin making her own posts.

So please stay tuned, you just might find a new post from time to time.

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5 thoughts on “Hello? Is anyone still out there?

  1. Looks good!

  2. Gary

    Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

  3. Mary Berman

    Hi Michael & Judy — we’re still here! Are you here or there? If you’re there, you won’t know that here is having some fine weather, althougha little scary north winds are causing fire warnings. Jeff has been here and there, taking pictures of AC. Got a great photo of Team USA crossing finishing line on the last race. If you’re still here, let’s get together before you leave to go there. Mary

    • Mary,

      We would love to get together but are currently in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. We don’t know when we will be in the Bay Area next but will make a point of connecting with you guys whenever that happens. Knowing Jeff’s camera skills I can imagine that he does have some great shots of the AC action. Can’t wait to see them. Hope all is well there,

  4. Look forward to your next post.

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