Happy Anniversary!

The conditions at Isla San Francisco were so pleasant that we ended up staying right there for 3 full days (4 nights). And we might have stayed even longer but for two events.

The first occurred Saturday night, our third night there. Judy woke up the following morning (Sunday) to find she had been eaten alive by some unseen insect – or hordes of insects. She looked like she’d come down with a serious case of the measles with well over a hundred red welts all over her body. We spent that day trying to figure out what sort of critter was responsible and lathering her up with every sort of anti-itch potion we had on hand. Nothing seemed to work. Since we couldn’t find any of the critters crawling or flying about we didn’t immediately flee the scene of the crime but focused instead on keeping Judy from clawing herself to death.

The second event was a change in the sea state and wind forecast. Our anchorage was going to be uncomfortable soon.
We lathered Judy up with all sorts of bug repellent and put her to bed with a sleeping pill. She awoke to find even more biting had gone on during that night as well. Not nearly the wholesale assault of the night before but it was clear that they were not done with her yet. Poor thing, she was miserable.

So Monday morning (9/30) we weighed anchor and made passage North to Bahia Agua Verde. About 55 miles north from where we were and offering good protection from wind and waves coming from almost any direction.

Light winds, generally less than 5 knots, from directly on the nose (of course) meant that the passage was a drive instead of a sail. But it was totally uneventful and at the end of the day we found ourselves once again the only boat in the anchorage. With daytime temps around 88 or 89 and the water 87 degrees and clear, we enjoyed much swimming and snorkeling. Along with many pretty fishies to be seen we even ran across a sea turtle while snorkeling and Dolphins swam around the boat several times. Judy, still itching from her many bites and finding several new ones each day, found that the itching seemed to stop when she was in the water. So you can imagine that she spent a lot of time in the water.

We came to realize that we were just a few days away from our 38th wedding anniversary and only about 17 miles south of the very nice Villa Del Palmar resort at Bahia Los Candeleros. How cool would it be to spend the anniversary hanging out by their pool and then enjoying a nice restaurant meal! So it was settled. On the 3rd we would relocate to Candeleros. That is, it was settled until we reviewed the weather forecast.

Wouldn’t you know it, strong (like, 20 – 30 knots) northerly winds were forecast for the entire weekend and the Candeleros anchorage is no place to be with weather coming from the north.

So we did the prudent thing. (Sorry Dear, but Happy Anniversary anyway!) We set ourselves up to weather the Norther at Agua Verde and that is where we will stay until it passes. We may be able to continue on Monday or, if not, almost surely by Tuesday. THEN Judy will get her poolside time at the Villa Del Palmar resort.

In the meantime, the biting critters seem to have stopped feeding on her and the existing bites are less irritating with each day. She’s not altogether done scratching and bathing in anti-itch products but she is no longer suffering the way she was two days ago.
The weather today has definitely changed. The wind came up from the NW during the night and, though it is running 12 to 17 knots right now, it is supposed to be 20 to 25 tonight. The sky has been clear blue since we left LP but today it is about 70% overcast with stratocumulus clouds. The humidity is also up and overall the conditions seem very tropical. Wonder what tomorrow will be like.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Carla and Doug

    Oh, sorry to hear that Judy got eaten up, but hope that she is doing better and that the Norther passes through quickly so that you get to celebrate your anniversary at the resort very soon.

    Happy #38!

    Miss you guys, Love Carla and Doug

    • Thank you so much for the anniversary wishes! We just arrived at the Candeleros anchorage and Hotel California has joined us. Tomorrow should include some pool time and an anniversary dinner at one of the nice restaurants here at the Villa del Palmar resort.

      You would probably be surprised at how often you guys come up in our conversations (in a good way!). We miss you, too and wish we could share some time cruising together. Or, at least trying to keep up with you.

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