It is Tuesday, October 8 and we are anchored at Bahia Los Candeleros – the candlesticks. So named because of the many rocky pinnacles in the area. We are roughly 20 or 25 miles South of Loreto and officially in the cruising area where we plan to spend the next 4 or 5 weeks.

On the beach at Candeleros is the small fishing village of El Ligui and near the other end, the very nice Villa Del Palmar resort. It’s a timeshare resort associated, like most, with others like them all over this country and others and equipped with all of the resort amenities you would expect.

This is where Judy had hoped to celebrate our anniversary but couldn’t because the weather wasn’t on the same schedule as us. Well, now we are here and Judy is having her resort day.

I am certain that you all know what that looks like or, should look like; poolside lounging, expensive snacks, umbrella drinks, etc. And, sure enough, that is exactly what it looks like. We try to have as many “zero dollar” days as we can but, after 12 of them in a row, today will not be one of them. Happy Anniversary to us – belated!




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One thought on “Candeleros

  1. Carla and Doug

    What a wonderful place to splurge. Hope you enjoyed your resort day and Anniversary celebration!

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