New vocabulary word is ” jejene”

I mentioned Judy’s bug bites before but at that time we didn’t know what name to give the critters. Heck, we didn’t finally corner one of the little rascals for several days after the initial plague. Looking a little like a cross between wee, tiny flies and a gnat they are called jejene’s. Pronounced, “hey-hey-nay”, they are vicious little buggers once they get you in their sights.

Judy is blessed with a body chemistry favored by most, if not all, of the biting/stinging community. They WILL find her and, when they do, they set upon her like kids on candy. We heard (later, of course) from several other cruising boats that they too were eaten up at the Isla San Francisco anchorages.

Perhaps there is a good explanation for this phenomena (blood types? RH factors? Diet?) but I can only marvel that with every couple, one is often a bug magnate while the other is not. In our case, Judy was severely handled while me, literally right next to her, received only a few token bites. And, without exception our friends had the same report. One mate eaten alive while the other goes largely ignored. While I don’t understand the why it is so, I certainly appreciate that I am the mate that the bugs don’t care for.

And, before the American news media gets wind of our experience and launches themselves into orbit over the biting insect plague in Mexico let me say this: We’ve only had a problem at that one island – they are not everywhere. And, it has been a much wetter spring and summer than normal here on the Baja. Along with the hillsides green with lush vegetation and bright with blooming flowers, there are going to be more bugs/insects as well. Probably the birds and bats are happier about that than we humans.


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