Migration season

Not much of note has gone on since the last post, still, it seems that each day is full and time passes quickly.

We enjoyed the anchorage at Isla Coronados for 11 days before tearing ourselves loose and moving along. It is so easy to lose track of time there as it is well protected from most weather, the sand beaches are very nice, there is good snorkeling and good fishing, cell phone service is available from Loreto so one can get internet and email plus, it is pretty to look at. Add in a few boatloads of friends, brand new ones and not so new ones and, well, time passes pretty quickly. But, we reckoned that it was time to begin easing ourselves southward toward La Paz.

Next came an overnight stop anchored off the city waterfront at Loreto. There we did a little provisioning but most importantly, Judy was able to get a fresh mani/pedi along with a haircut. Everyone left happy.

The weather forecast was calling for pretty strong winds from the North over the next several days so it was off to Puerto Escondido (again) for us. Pto. Escondido is another one of those places where it is easy to lose track of time. It’s a “hurricane hole” so is good for all weather conditions and has a very good restaurant, a market for provisioning, a laundry and a never ending supply of fellow cruisers to socialize with. This storm turned out to be pretty minor but we were able to leave with an empty dirty clothes basket and full pantry.

Next stop on the migration route was Bahia Agua Verde. We were last here September 30th through October 7th and had the whole place to ourselves. Agua Verde is beautiful and we enjoyed the solitude a lot but this time would be different. In the fall the boats that have summered in the Sea of Cortez move south as it becomes cooler up north and they are joined by boats that have been parked and stored on the mainland at San Carlos all winter. As a result, there is a steady stream of boats heading south and they tend to bunch up at the nicer anchorages, Agua Verde being one of them. This time we shared the anchorage with 7 other boats then even more boats arrived after we left and the count reached 12 boats for Friday night. Certainly OK but not the same experience as last time.

Yesterday, Friday November 9th, we left that pack and made our way further south to San Evaristo by ourselves. The forecast led us to expect something on the order of 10 knots from behind and what should have been a nice downwind sail became more of a drive. That never happened as the wind did not build above 5 knots. Rats! But the fish were biting! We had 6 fish take the bait, 3 dorado and 3 bonita (skipjack). The bonita are fun to catch but not so good to eat and were quickly released. The dorado on the other hand, get a different treatment. One spit out the hook just before meeting the gaff hook but the other two weren’t quite so lucky – fish taco party pending.

This is our first visit to the anchorage at San Evaristo and it is quite nice. It affords great protection from north winds and weather and, once again, that is the way the forecast reads for the next 4 days. As a consequence, we might just sit here until it blows itself through. Our intentions are to continue working our way toward La Paz and arrive there sometime around November 15th. Time will tell how close we came to making that mark.

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