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Light air sailing

The page “about the boat” has long been virtually empty but that is no longer true. I have just completed posting up some general information, some specifications and a few photos and drawings to entertain and enlighten you.

If you would like to know a little bit more about the Catalina 42, would like to see what Milagro looks like below decks or are just bored enough that this might be a reasonable distraction, then I invite you to have a look.

Click on “about the boat” at the top of your screen near the right side. Once there you can return to the home page by clicking on ‘milagro42″ in the banner at the top of the page.

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2 thoughts on “About the boat

  1. Mary

    Hi Michael — where are you guys? Hopefully not part of the embargoes that are going on! Been thinking of you.

    • Mary, we are in Marina de La Paz at present and all is well.

      For whatever reason none of the AGACE inspectors came to La Paz so no one here was directly involved at all. There were 3 different teams (maybe 4?) and each went about their business a little differently so, depending on which would have shown up here, we could have been OK anyway. All our papers are in order and, most importantly, the numbers are in the correct boxes on the forms and they match the equipment they refer to. The marina here has always insisted on keeping copies of all of those documents in their files anyway and self audits 2 or 3 times a year – not too much gets past them. The only other thing that could have tripped us up would have been if the team that came had questions and we didn’t happen to be on board at the time. Regardless, we skated and the boats that did get caught up in the clumsiness of this process should all be in the clear very soon. The national media here has finally become aware and are crucifying Hacienda (the MX IRS) and particularly the division called AGACE that sent out the inspection teams, both in the national newspapers and on the broadcast news.

      We reckon we’ll hang out here (it’s very, very nice) until heading up into the Sea around about the end of April or first of May.

      Hope all is well with you and Jeff.

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