Tracking Milagro

You have always been able to check our last position report by clicking on the link named “Where in the world is Milagro”. This is done via ham radio message to a service called Yotreps – as in “yacht reports”. I think this has been working pretty well but I have just learned of another provider of this service [thanks to our friends on the S/V Totem] and thought I might do a lap or two with them to see how it compares. One of their features that seems attractive is the ability to including some text along with the position report. That might be nice.

This new service is called Farkwar ( [NOTICE there is no “www” in their address). It seems like a pretty odd name and I did not know the story behind it until Chip posted the explanation in the comments below. Kind of a lame story but it is a story.

Anyway, I have added a link under “Tracking Milagro” in the sidebar. If you prefer, you can also go to Farkwar’s website and either search by boat name or have it produce a list of all boats in their registry and then select Milagro from that list. OR, navigate to Too many choices, I know, so I’d just click on the link here in the sidebar if it were me.

However you choose to get to Farkwar’s website you should see Milagro’s position indicated by a red colored balloon pointer on a Google map. Clicking on that balloon will open a text box. If I have included any information about our location, activities or plans in the position report you will see that here. The position reports through Yotreps does not seem to include this feature.

So, we’ll see how we like it after using both during our Sea of Cortez sortie this summer. We won’t keep both of them up indefinitely and once we’ve chosen we’ll let you know and remove the link to the loser.

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4 thoughts on “Tracking Milagro

  1. For the record:

    Farkwar is Born
    Posted by Tucker Bradford
    When I was younger (let’s just say I was 10) my uncle would entice me to row him across what seemed like an endless [Muscongous] sound to Loud’s Island, by making up silly stories about a fellow named Barfoolean Farkwar.

    Barf would do things like set out to sail without a sail. When he realised his blunder, he would split all of his underpants in half, and sew them together to make a stinky sail (Barf wasn’t much for hygiene).

    Stories like this tend to stick with you. That’s why, many many years later, when I was a little less occupied than I probably should have been, I thought to type whois into my terminal. When it came up as not-already-owned, I couldn’t believe my luck and snatched it right up. Then I wrote to my uncle to ask him what he thought we should do with it.

    He thought we should make it an heirloom tomato zine. I couldn’t really get behind that because, to be honester than I would like to be publicly, I don’t much care for tomatoes.

  2. Gary Skaggs

    Reasonably accurate without giving away too much secret sauce! 😀

    • Whew! I struggled with it for a while because it’s been so danged long since I messed with this sort of thing but I finally did prevail. The link is added where I wanted it so now we will see what we think of it relative to YOTREPS.

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