Projects (a continuum)

It seems to me that, if you aren’t installing something new you are repairing something broken or trying to make improvements to an existing system. It is definitely a continuum. In our case (this time) the list of things we wanted to do before untying the dock lines seemed larger than it should. It don’t know how it grew to be so long but thankfully, the number of outstanding items is getting smaller every day. That’s good because we’ve targeted this Thursday for departure.

It gets pretty hot in the Sea of Cortez – Phoenix hot – and the sun is relentless. To cope with those conditions Milagro needed a better system for making shade so this was our first priority. Which meant that I had a bunch of sewing to do to improve our existing shade screens and sun covers. Sewing projects are the most disruptive for us because the machine (and all that goes with it) have to go on the main saloon table so it ends up dominating everything. It took a while but it’s all been done. The improvements should help make our summer cruising much more comfortable. Or, at least, less miserable.

Looking shady

Looking shady


Michael at work on the sun screens

Michael at work on the sun screens









Then, the manufacturer of our watermaker wanted me to completely replumb that system in an attempt to improve the volume and pressure of the supply water. That represented more real work than I wanted to get involved in so I put it off as long as I could. Eventually though, I had to give up and dive in. It’s a good thing that I did, too, as I found a fatigue cracked weld in the pump’s mounting bracket. There was evidence that it had been a poor weld to begin with and now I was able to get it properly rewelded- a much better deal than having the bracket fail later. After it was all done, the operational tests confirmed the engineer’s expectations. Supply water is now reaching the high pressure pump in greater volume and under positive pressure. While this does not mean we will produce more GPH of reverse osmosis water it does mean the system components should enjoy a longer lifespan. And that’s a good thing, too.

There were more things to do but these were the biggest. Today the sewing machine and tools were stowed and the place looks a little more livable. We can even eat at the table again! The next few days will involve provision shopping – the list is made but you’d think we were about to cross an ocean!? Filling the gasoline jugs with fresh fuel, laundry and then trying to get Milagro all clean and shiny.

If we stay on track we’ll get off the dock Thursday afternoon though we only plan to go a short distance before anchoring that night. We’ll RON at Bahia Falsa for those of you with maps or who know the La Paz area. Doing it that way – that is, staying close for the first night, we will have taken the hardest step (actually untying the dock lines) but have a chance to settle and make sure everything is working OK before we are  too far away to return if we need to.

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One thought on “Projects (a continuum)

  1. Carla and Doug

    We hear Mexico is really heating up – you are going to enjoy that new shade! Have a fun time playing in the water!

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