Not Much Happening – Just Cruisin’

For the moment we have internet service. We will soon be moving on so this seems like a good time to make a post.


It has been a bit warm for the two of us – we who have oft maintained how much they don’t like the heat. But that will change soon, it’s going to get warmer! Hah! That will show us, eh! More on that in a minute. For now, let’s review.


We’ve been out and about for 3 weeks now and, except for dreaming about Fall temperatures, we have had it pretty good. For the first week we moved almost every day but since that time we have slowed down considerably. A couple of the anchorages have been so pleasant that we’ve hung out for a whole week.


Bahia Marquer on Isla Carmen is about 10 miles across the water from the town of Loreto and perfectly situated for the summertime weather patterns here. You can also get fair cellphone signal from Loreto allowing for communication with family and friends. Add clear, warm water, good snorkeling and dramatic scenery and why wouldn’t we enjoy it for a while.


Marquer Scenery

Marquer Scenery


More Marquer

More Marquer

I took advantage of the great conditions to tackle the job of cleaning Milagro’s bottom. It was already needed badly before we left La Paz but having it cleaned somehow got overlooked during our departure preparations. I’ve never cleaned the bottom before but we have a Hooka just for that purpose and how hard could it be, right? Silly me. The first thing I learned was that the divers we pay to do this job earn their money. The second thing I learned was that one should not let so much time pass between cleanings. Yep, it was pretty bad. Plus, I didn’t really know what I was doing. By the way, it turns out that there’s a lot of surface area down there, I mean, a lot!


Cleaning the bottom

Cleaning the bottom


I managed to spread the job out over several lengthy sessions but I think it’s done. At least for now. We were going to repaint the bottom last April but postponed that project to coincide with our need to leave the boat in San Carlos next September. That means the paint that’s there now is old and tired and so it doesn’t do a very good job of discouraging the accumulation of growth. I’m not quite ready to accuse it of actually encouraging growth but I’m danged close. Ask me again in a couple of weeks.


Still, the conditions for doing this sort of stuff could not be better so I’m not complaining. It does give me something to do where sweating is not involved – did I mention that it’s kind of warm? And it saves the money that would have been spent on a diver.


It was not all work and no play at Marquer either. No, sir. A card playing friend of Judy’s, Patsy Ver Hoeven, and her friend Tim where making passage South on Talion and learned we were sitting still for a few days. Patsy arranged to join us at Marquer and we got to enjoy their company for a bit. Of course, there was some card playing. We also enjoyed some nice snorkeling as well as some more card playing  when friends Richard and Susan (Dream Ketcher) showed up to join us.



Little Fishies

Little Fishies


Giant Hawkfish trying to hide in the shadows

Giant Hawkfish trying to hide in the shadows

Secret Garden

Secret Garden

After a week at Bahia Marquer it was time to move along so we paid a visit to the city of Loreto. It is an unprotected roadstead anchorage so we didn’t want to stay parked there too long. We enjoyed two days ashore getting laundry done and some provisions bought. Judy even got a pedicure. We also got to spend some time with a friend who lives there so it was all good.



Judy, Michael, Pedro, Richard and Sue (Dream Ketcher) at Porto Bello Aeropuerto

Judy, Michael, Pedro, Richard and Sue (Dream Ketcher) at Porto Bello Aeropuerto


Today we are at Isla Coronados, just about 6 miles North of Loreto. The anchorage here is well protected from the southerly winds and waves, it’s scenic and – well, wait, it’s got everything Marquer had plus stronger cellphone signal. Of course we like it.


Boats come and go every day and last night the crews from 8 boats met for a potluck on the beach. Most were either new acquaintances or folks we had met briefly before but had never had a chance to visit or get to know them. As these things nearly always do, the potluck turned out great and it was fun chatting with new friends.


We intend to continue enjoying Los Coronados until this weekend. Either Saturday or Sunday, we plan to resume our journey towards the North. Once we leave here there will not be any cell signal or wifi for some time. No more surfing “food porn” (Pinterest) in between swims or Facebooking either. At least not until we make Santa Rosalia around about the 6th or 7th of July, I’d guess.


As to the part about it getting warmer; we will likely end up attending a 4th of July party in Bahia Concepción. Specifically, at El Burro Cove, notoriously known for it’s extreme air and water temperatures and for little to no wind to help you deal with it. I know, dumb, right? Of course it is but, it’s a tradition with the cruisers here in the Sea of Cortez, a real “happening” and we are telling ourselves that we should probably go. Once. There is one boat there now who participates in the same morning ham radio network that we do and he’s been reporting 0730 temps as 92 outside and 92 in the water – at 0730 for goodness sakes. Another couple of weeks of summertime heating will not improve that even a little bit. Yikes!


We’ll let you know how that turns out. Now would be a good time to place your bets about whether or not we change our minds about going.

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4 thoughts on “Not Much Happening – Just Cruisin’

  1. Carla and Doug

    You guys will be just fine and I know that you will enjoy the adventure and the company!

    • I’m sure you’re right Carla but I expect there will be some whining about the heat before we get out of there. Come to think of it, I guess the whining has already started. Ha, ha.

  2. Bren

    Love the underwater photos!!

    • Thanks, Bren. Here in the Sea of Cortez it’s not like diving coral reefs but there is still plenty of sea life. Plus we just step out our back door and we’re in it. Not too bad a deal.

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