Independence Day – El Burro Cove style

There is this fellow who lives on a remote beach in Bahia Concepcion about 20 miles south of the town of Muleje, BCS, named Geary. Geary gets up every morning at 0400, fires up his generator (no electricity or water where he lives) and his satellite internet connection to collect weather information relating to this part of the world. He uses many different sources and then puts it all together to create a weather forecast for the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific side of Baja California. At 0745 each morning he reads his forecast on a ham radio frequency (WB6PKH on 3968 USB) as part of a daily network for sailors. Geary does all of this for free. Of course, Geary and his efforts are much appreciated by everyone sailing the Sea of Cortez or traversing the Pacific side of Baja California.


The Fleet is in. Beached dinghys at El Burro Cove

The Fleet is in. Beached dinghys at El Burro Cove


Our host, Geary. Yes, Geary IS wearing a hotdog hat.

As if that’s not enough, each July 4th Geary hosts a hotdog centric potluck for cruising sailors on the beach by his house. He brings in shade tents, tables and chairs, a vendor of beer and soft drinks and he provides the all you can eat hot dogs. The cruisers bring the side dishes.

This event is somewhat of a big deal attracting most of the cruising boats in the area. Sounds great, right? Well, there’s a downside. This location, El Burro Cove,

Cruisers enjoying the big event

Cruisers enjoying the big event

is notoriously hot this time of year. Like, over 100F hot with water temp nearly the same. Usually there is no breeze either. Nice place, NOT, eh? But this is where we have to go to find Geary and, as a little bonus, there is also a simple restaurant on the beach. Bertha’s Beach Club Resort. No, they don’t have electricity either.

Ordering by gas lamp at Bertha's Beach Club Resort.

Ordering by gas lamp at Bertha’s Beach Club Resort.

While nothing about the conditions seemed attractive to us, how do you reconcile missing a happening this big? So we went. Worried about the heat, we planned to arrive at the last minute and leave at first light the next morning to minimize our exposure to the extreme conditions.

Ha! This year – the first year ever- was the year of thunderstorms, rain and cloudy skies. Lucky us! OK, it was still pretty warm and the water temp hovered right at 90F but it could have been much, much worse. Plus, it was fun. We got to meet many new cruisers, many of whom were also headed to the Bay of Los Angeles as we were.

Next stop on our journey north, the marina at Santa Rosalia. That’s right, electricity to run the air conditioning. Woo Hoo!



Bertha's Beach Club Resort

Bertha’s Beach Club Resort

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