The Life Un-Technical

We were anchored just off of the village at Bahia de Los Angeles on Saturday, July 26th, so went ashore with the high hopes of using some bandwidth at the internet cafe. There was some banking that needed attention and a few other tasks, including some blog posting.

BLA village is a small fishing village about 50 miles off of Hwy 1 that is popular with tourists seeking a remote, off the grid fishing experience. Supplies arrive only once a week (on Friday – you don’t want to go vegetable shopping on Wednesday or Thrusday!) There is no cellular service and the internet is a recent addition. Microwaved over from San Quitin, it is primarily for basic email and the providing company severely limits the number of subscribers because of it’s very limited capacity. That’s the internet we found at the internet cafe.

At least there IS an internet cafe (actually, it’s a dry goods store with a couple of computer terminals, it’s not really a cafe). So, while Judy had some success with the necessary projects and even managed a Facebook post or two, I could not connect to WordPress at all. I had a post all prepared that included a bunch of photos but I was not even able to connect to post the text, let alone any photos.

I suppose that this is what we get for traveling in such remote areas and there are probably places much less connected than BLA so we should be grateful and just make do. This post is being sent via the ham radio so has to be text only, the high speed stuff – like photos – will have to wait until sometime later.

In the meantime, seriously, go to (or is it and sign up to follow us. I post a short statement every time we move to a new location and that little note will be forwarded to you as an email. Painless and free, you can know where we are and, at least basically, what we are up to.

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3 thoughts on “The Life Un-Technical

  1. Linda

    LOVE seeing your posts from Farkwar!

    • Thanks Linda! It’s nice to be able to let folks know what we are up to even when we are so far off the grid.

  2. Joe Statt

    Farkwar… sounds like from Star Wars! Take care, Captain Stouffer!

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