Nature: it’s not just what’s for dinner

Most of us don’t pay very much attention to what nature is up to when leading “normal”, land based lives. Out here, living like we do now, it is all around us – sort of in our face, every day. We are usually in a position to notice most of it and sometimes it’s pretty impressive.

We did not do any fishing until after leaving Santa Rosalia because, frankly, the fridge and freezer were too full to stuff anything else into them. Yes, we are way over provisioned. Eventually though, that problem fixed itself and we threw a line in the water on Friday after leaving Santa Rosalia. That netted us a small Dorado late in the day and we enjoyed it blackened that night. Even Judy said Yum!

On our next leg, to Animas Slot, we snagged two more Dorado. The first measuring 37″ and the second 48″. Now we needed that freezer room!

But it’s not all about harvesting fish. Along our way we are always treated to first one show and then another. Jumping Mobula rays, pods of Spinner Dolphins capering about, Bottlenose Dolphins either chasing their dinner or riding our bow wave, Pilot Whales, Sea Lions and all manner of birds. Other boaters in our area have reported Grey Whale encounters but we’ve not seen those nor Blue Whales or Orcas either. They’re all here, we just haven’t been in the right place at the right time quite yet.

In Puerto Don Juan we had our first sighting of Blue Footed Boobies. They are an unusual bird found in mass on Isla Isabela way south along the mainland coast. Consequently we didn’t expect to see one until we could visit that island. Striking birds, their webbed blue feet seem to steal away from an otherwise dignified appearance leaving them odd or comical looking. We found a pair hanging out on a small group of rocks along with Pelicans, Cormorants, Grebes, several varieties of Gulls and others we couldn’t name. Pretty cool.

Friday we spied a pair of Whale Sharks feeding only a couple of hundred yards from where we sat anchored so we had to go take a closer look. I got to swim with them as they carved wide circles until I had had enough. Judy chose to man the dinghy and camera instead of joining me. Sadly, we didn’t get the awesome photos you always hope will go along with this sort of thing but we did get a few poor ones. This is the third time I’ve gotten to swim with these massive creatures and, since we are still banging around in their neighborhood, it may not be the last chance either. Maybe we will do better with the photos next time.

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2 thoughts on “Nature: it’s not just what’s for dinner

  1. Carla and Doug

    Oh, miss all that wildlife in the sea. Glad you are enjoying yourselves and eating all that wonderful fish!

  2. Doug/Carla, even “I don’t eat fish” Judy has been enjoying Dorado fixed several different ways. It is awesome to see so much sea life every day. I think the Sea of Cortez misses you guys, I know we do.

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