Milagro Postion Report

It is Thursday, 16 June 2016 and all is well here on Milagro. We got ourselves underway just about 30 minutes ago from Isla Coronado bound for San Carlos, Sonora. The forecast indicates that it will mostly be a motorboat ride but we have the light air sails rigged and ready with our fingers crossed. We’ve made this crossing 4 times before and have sailed the bulk of it each time so, while we don’t expect the same this time, we are hopeful. We expect to arrive in the early morning tomorrow. In the meantime, we are noisely puttering along while trying to whistle up some wind. Hasta luego.


Zero wind and flat seas at Isla Coronados as Milagro gets underway for San Carlos. SV Hotel California is the vessel still at anchor.

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3 thoughts on “Milagro Postion Report

  1. Amy

    Safe sailing!! See you soon.

  2. Kurt

    Micheal is this the milagro that was out of Marathon Florida.

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