Milagro Returns to San Carlos

It is Friday, 17 June 2016 and all is well onboard Milagro. We have completed our 110nm passage from the Baja Peninsula to the mainland arriving at San Carlos, Sonora at 0840 (MST). The passage was a mixed bag but totally fine. We didn’t expect any wind useful for sailing but were pleased to find that wasn’t entirely the case. The first couple of hours was dead calm and required motoring but after that things improved. The wind varied in strength from 0 to 12 kts starting out from SE and moving around in the night to come from the E. So, it came and went driving us to fly the light air sail, put it away and motor, then put it out again and eventually stow the big light air sail in favor of the regular jib and main. At one time or another, we saw flat, glassy water, 1′ to 2′ close spaced SE swell as well as no swell with 1′ confused chop. A mixed bag sure enough. In the end, we were able to log about 50% of the passage under sail alone with the remainder a mix of motorsailing (sails up and contributing), sailing and motoring alone.


Looking towards Marina San Carlos from the anchorage.


Approaching San Carlost this fishing boat passed off our bow a little closer than we’d have liked. Unique mountain in background is Tetas de Cabra and marks the entrance to the Bay of San Carlos.

We did have a bit of excitement at Sunset on Thursday when conditions were finally right to produce a “Green Flash” for us. After years of watching for one and listening to others recount their experiences this was our first honest to goodness, real green flash. Now we’ve seen one, very cool.


This photo of a green flash came from the internet but pretty closely depicts what we saw.

We anchored in Bahia San Carlos at 27 56.823’N 111 03.710’W in 20′ over sand/gravel. OAT was 87, 65% humidity, 83 sea temp and wind E at 4kts. Water is flat and green with visibility about 15′. We moved into Marina San Carlos at 1250 where Milagro will cool her heels for the remainder of the summer while her crew does some land traveling. We expect to return to her in October and resume our Mexico and Sea of Cortez sailing. Hasta luego, y’all.

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One thought on “Milagro Returns to San Carlos

  1. Doug and Carla Scott

    Glad all is well. Enjoy your land travels and time with family!

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