We are finally back on the water again

It is Sunday, November 6, 2016 and all is well on Milagro.

This summer has been crazy busy with travel and all sorts of other events. A 4600 mile motorcycle ride for me while Judy took granddaughter Harper to Disney World followed by us traipsing around Europe for 5 weeks with our good friends Rick and Pam. Then there was the acquisition of a new (to us) motorhome to sort out. And, just like that, we’ve been away from Milagro for just a bit over 4 months. It went by so fast it just doesn’t seem possible that it’s been that long.
We returned to Milagro where she waited patiently for us in her slip at Marina San Carlos. That was late on Wednesday. On Saturday (yesterday) we blasted off for the overnight passage from the mainland to Baja arriving this morning after logging our fastest time for that passage yet. 113 nm in 19:30 minutes won’t set any records but we did it entirely under sail while enjoying a (mostly) pleasant ride.
We are anchored now at Bahia Ballandra on Isla Carmen – about 9 miles offshore from the town of Loreto. We will continue marching southward tomorrow as we have made a commitment to be in La Paz for a visiting relative by Nov 14. That won’t leave much rose smelling time but will work out fine if we just move some each day.
On our passage we experienced NW winds mostly in the 12-14kt range with a few periods where it got closer to 18-19. A NW swell made things a bit rolly at times though not overly so. About 0300 it started decreasing until we were drifting into the anchorage on a 3-5 kts.
We are anchored at 26 01.063’N 111 09.860’W in 20′ of clear water over a sand bottom. OAT is 88, humidity 49%. It’s 82 in the pool. Wind is currently up to 6 kts from the WNW though the sea inside the bay is flat.

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One thought on “We are finally back on the water again

  1. 19:30 under sail is awesome! Have fun!

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