Milagro Postion Report

It is Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016 – Election Day in the US – and, all is well here on the reasonably good ship Milagro. We moved today 55 nm to Isla San Francisco. I know, I know. In our last post we said we’d be aiming for San Evaristo and, so we did. Aim for it. At least until we were getting pretty close and still having a great sail, that is. That is when we decided to give SE a pass and continue the 10 additional miles to Isla S.F. So here we are. We left Agua Verde under lumpy sea conditions and N winds of just 4 kts. An hour later we had rounded Pt. Marcial and turned South which put the seas off our port quarter and the winds, now up to 12-15kts dead behind us. We managed wing-on-wing for a time but the quartering seas and diminishing wind eventually played havoc with the sails, flogging them badly, even with the jib poled out. By about 1030, with the wind behind us at only 7-8 kts, we turned to motoring. Then, about 1430, the winds filled back in and, with the wind still dead behind us but now up to 15-20 kts, we happily shut off the motor and resumed sailing making 5.5-6 kts under jib alone. Nice, eh? The seas had moderated some and were also more directly behind us so the ride was really nice. We were still enjoying these conditions upon approach to San Evaristo so decided to stay with it the 10 additional miles to Isla San Francisco. So, that’s where we are with the anchor set at 24 49.206’N 110 34.260’W in 38′ of very clear water over sand. OAT is 84F, humidity 45%, pool is 83F and the wind is N at 7-10 knts. Except for small wind chop, the water is flat. Manana we aim to move again and this leg will take us to Bahia Falsa – within shouting distance of La Paz. We plan 1 overnight there before into continuing on to Marina de La Paz on Thursday, Nov 10.

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