Milagro Postion Report

Like migrating waterfowl (water- “foul” if you prefer), the Milagros are migrating from the Baja for the Pacific coast of mainland Mexico where we will spend the winter. Or, what passes for winter in these latitudes. We broke free from the Marina de La Paz docks at Noon today (MST), not an easy task emotionally as we leave so many good friends behind. We are bound for La Cruz de Huanacaxtle which is on the mainland about an hour drive north of Puerto Vallarta. The Wx forecast has us expecting light and variable winds and mostly flat seas for the 3 days it will take us to get there (+/- 70 hrs). Of course, we’ll see. In any case, strong northerly winds are expected by late Saturday or Sunday which would serve to pin us down in La Paz through Christmas unless we go now. And so we go as La Cruz is where Miss Judy decided she wanted to be this year for Christmas. Two other boats from LP have decided to do the same so we’ll have traffic close enough for VHF conversations should we wish. I’ll post positions updates daily as we make our way so stay tuned.

At 1430MST we are in the San Lorenzo Channel at 24 22.192’N 110 16.569’W making 6 knots by motor. The wind is dead on our nose at 4kts and the water is 76F and flat except for a little bit of chop. Add in clear skies and a temp of 80F and you can imagine that all is pretty OK. At least for the moment.

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