Milagro Postion Report

img_5360All is well on board Milagro. “Here comes another one just like the other one” is the theme of today’s report as conditions over the past 24hrs very closely resemble the previous. We’ve moved a little further south and east but we’re still searching for usable wind and the sea remains quite reasonable. At 0630MST it was 77F, 62% humid, the pool is 80F, and the wind (WIND!?) is from the N at 1.5kts with occasional gusts to 3. There is a small westerly swell a little more closely spaced than yesterday but, with so little wind to ruffle the surface, the surface is often glassy looking. Scattered low, grey cumulus have scudded by overhead from the N all night adding some character to the moonlit night. We are at 21 46.918’N 107 07.026’W making 6kts motorsailing with the mainsail up and hope in our hearts. Our current ETA for La Cruz is about 0200MST early Sunday morning.

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