Milagro Postion Report

It is January 3, 2017 and we’re writing to say we’ve stuck with the plan. I know, we’re kinda surprised, too. This was supposed to be moving day and despite the strong pull of marina conveniences, we have moved out into the anchorage. We’ve enjoyed two weeks of marina based fun, including Christmas and New Years but it’s time to rein things in a bit so here we are. We still have good cell coverage which, though it does give us internet access, is not adequate for Judy to do the downloading she is so married to. For that we’ll drag her computer ashore several days a week to tap into one of the sources there. We aim to hang here for friends who should be on Jan 18. Once they’ve headed home we will head south for Tenecatita and Barra de Navidad as soon as weather permits. In the meantime we will continue to enjoy La Cruz and the greater Puerto Vallarta area. At 1150 (CST) we were anchored in 25′ over sand at 20 44.958’N 105 22.081’W. It’s 82 outside and 80 in the cabin. Wind was <7kts when we dropped anchor but as I write this at 1325 it has built to 10kts all from WSW. Seas have a 1′ wind chop also from WSW and the sky is clear. It’s 79 in the pool.

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