Milagro Postion Report

It is Saturday evening, 18 March 2017 about 1830 MST (yes, we are back on MST. At least for now) and all is well on board the Milagro. We are about 55 miles out from our destination and estimate arriving in the 0500 hour tomorrow morning. It has been mostly a very smooth passage so far with winds mostly light and variable except for a few periods of apx 10 kts on the nose and, this morning, several hours of 10 knots from the port beam. It was nice to be able to turn the motor off for that time. But, of course, that nice, sailable breeze couldn’t and didn’t last long. It was followed by 0 wind and flat, glassy seas for the entire rest of the day. The water here is a brilliant, deep blue with a translucent quality that makes it seem as though you are seeing a great distance when you look down into it. I know that’s a poor description but we see this same thing every time we are in the open ocean (at least, THIS ocean) and it never fails to move us. It’s very cool to look at. Also cool to see was the Green Flash at last night’s sunset, Judy’s first and only my second. Although we haven’t seen much in the way of sea life, this afternoon Judy did observe 2 whales breaching while I was below napping. All in all, not a bad passage. As I write this we are at 23 25.351N 109 00.676W motorsailing on glassy water under clear skies. No green flash tonight though we were still treated to a great sunset as it slipped behind the mountains of the Baja Peninsula in the distance. There’s a S wind running 2 to 3 kts and it is 80F the cockpit with 65% humidity. The pool is 76F.

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