Milagro Postion Report

It is Sunday, 19 March, 2017 and we are happy to report that all is very well on board Milagro. We completed our 320nm passage to Bahia de Los Muertos (Bay of the Dead) at a little before 0600 CST/0500 MST this morning and had the anchor set by 5 mins after the hour in 33′ over sand under a bright moon. We join about 10 other boats already anchored here including 5 belonging to folks we know who arrived yesterday afternoon from Mazatlan. As is typical of passages of this length (320nm), the conditions varied but were very good over all. Of course, we could always wish for more of the conditions suitable for sailing but flat glassy water and a smooth ride is a fine substitute so we aren’t fussing. We are not sure how long we will hang here but likely we will move along towards La Paz tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday – a pretty strong north wind is forecast by late Wednesday which would pin us down here if we haven’t moved by then. At 1100 MST the sea here is still flat and glassy and the wind <5 kts and variable in direction. It’s 85 outside and 76 in the pool, humidity 66%. We’ve planted ourselves at 22 59.260’N 109 49.579’W. Oh, and there is no wifi or cell coverage here so we remain off the grid except for this ham radio service.

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