Position Report

It is Tuesday, May 9, 2017 and all is well on Milagro. Plus, we actually did it. The good ship Milagro sailed away from Marina De La Paz today bound for Caleta Partida on the Isla Espiritu Santo just about 25 miles away. After an uneventful, unremarkable passage we set the anchor at 1419 hrs (MDT) at Caleta Partida in 30′ over sand and gravel at 24 32.919’N 110 22.839’W. The wind, which has been conspicuously absent to this point, is now from the E at 9 kts. The water is 73F and flat while the OAT is 78. We’ve got clear skies and 40% humidity. It is a bit cooler than normal for these parts and this time of year but we are not complaining as we know that “real” summer is coming. While this is one of our favorite anchorages, our last time here was very nearly 2 years ago (June, 2015). So, our anchor was no sooner set when the “welcome turtle” surfaced right next to us to welcome us back. After checking us out and offering his greeting he moseyed along on his way. It was a nice welcome back. We will stay here until probably Saturday before moving on further North. Of course, we’ll keep you posted as we move around.

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