Milagro has moved – again

It is Monday, May 15th, 2017 and all is well onboard Milagro. We made the 34nm passage today from Isla San Francisco to Puerto Los Gatos. Sadly, the forecast SW winds of 10-15kts were a total no show. Instead, we were treated to winds of mostly less than 5kts which came from every direction at one time or another except South. Since we were headed NW up the San Jose Channel that was no bueno por nada. So we enjoyed a flat water motorsail and and are now anchored in the North lobe of Puerto Los Gatos at 25 18.234’N 111 56.761’W in 15′ over sand. It is 83F, 41% humid, and the pool is 74F. There’s a breeze from the East running 4 to 6kts. If you can find this place on Google you will see the amazing red sandstone formations at the North end and black rock formations at the South end connected by a white sand beach in the middle. Pretty photogenic. The forecast suggests that we’ll see Northerly winds for the next couple of days – not that we put very much stock in the forecast. However, should that turn out to be more or less true, we may sit here and wait for more Southerly winds to return. We’ll have to see how comfortable this place stays in whatever winds decide to show up before knowing for certain. In any case, we will post again whenever we do move to our next stop. That will be to Bahia Agua Verde, about 18nm North. Hasta luego, y’all.

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