Milagro Update

It is Saturday, 27 May 2017 and we are happy to report that all is well on the Milagro. We enjoyed several days at the VDP resort at Candeleros and particularly the time we got to spend there with friends Gary and Angie (SV Nivasi) but they had to return to the real world and today was moving day for Milagro. We needed to top off the water tanks so our passage began by motoring in order to do that but once the tanks were full the sails came out and the engine went off. A nice 10kt SE breeze pushed us along very nicely right into the anchorage at Nopolo. At 1425 MDT we had the anchor set at 25 55.511’N 111 20.904’W in 15′ over sand. That 10kt SE breeze is still running which is causing 6″ wind waves but the water is otherwise flat. it’s 82F in the cockpit with 59% humidity. The pool is 75F. We are just off the beach at Hotel Loreto Bay and the residences of Nopolo so have good cell signal and reasonable internet. I expect we will sit right here for a few days before answering the “where to next” question. Hasta luego, y’all.

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