MIlagro Position Report

Thursday, 23 Nov 2017. After an absence of 160 days, we returned to the good ship Milagro on Saturday, Nov 18, finding her lonely but otherwise in pretty good shape. We had hoped to get underway for the Baja on Tuesday, 21 Nov but the weather gods were not on the same schedule. North winds strong enough to make the crossing uncomfortable were also creating wind waves that would add to the discomfort. We are both hardwired to be a little impatient when we are otherwise all set to go but allowed reason to prevail – this time, and hung around while the Norther blew itself out. It is now Thursday, 23 November – Thanksgiving Day, and, though we haven’t gone far, we are out of the marina. We have relocated into a nearby anchorage off of the San Carlos shore. The anchor is set (Yay, we remembered how to anchor!) at 27 56.911’N, 111 02.648’W in 25′ of water with about 10′ of visibility. The instrument says the water temp is 67F but I am suspicious of that number as I expected a bit more. I could take a swim to see but think maybe I’ll not risk it (what if it’s right!?) and just have a beer and a nap instead. The sky is clear, the OAT is 78F, the wind is South at 3kts, and there is a very small swell from the South that is moving the boat just enough that we can tell we’re no longer tied to a dock. Nice. We’ll make our move for the Baja about midday tomorrow. Welcome back everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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