Milagro Position Report

It is Saturday, 1/25/17 and all is just fine here on the Milagro. As advertised, we made the leap across the Sea of Cortez and are this morning anchored at Isla Coronados, just North of the town of Loreto. It was our 8th crossing between San Carlos and Coronados and the very first time we were not able to sail most of the passage. Or, any of the passage, for that matter. If it was a smooth, flat water ride that you wanted then we certainly had that. If it was wind you wanted you would have been dissapointed. Still, it was a pleasant, uneventful passage and those are always the best kind. For the first hour or two we saw S winds of 5-6kts but even those petered out and remained 0-3kts the rest of the way. We did find about 2 hours of dense fog about 25nm out of San Carlos (quite unusual in these waters) and once free of that it was drippy, dewey wet most of the rest of the night. A 1/2 moon set about 2300 leaving us with an awesome canopy of stars to enjoy. We are set at 26 06.278’N, 111 17.478’W in 25′ of 80F water, OAT is now 85F (maybe the temp guage IS correct and San Carlos water really WAS 65!)and there still is no wind. Tomorrow we will likely move the 7 or 8 miles to Bahia Ballandra on Isla Carmen. We’ve learned there are a couple of friends of ours already there and it will be good to reconnect.

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